3 months and counting!

The funny part about making plans, is that no matter how much we plan them – we still aren’t in control.
I left Townsville July 23rd, knowing that I would surely be back mid-September after a very smooth sailing visa process….. but obviously that hasn’t exactly worked out as “planned”.

Several months ago I was emailed about a conference happening in Tijuana, Mexico regarding the initiatives happening in the “Mapping” world with 4K (a group of YWAMers who are committed to seeing data visualized, and used to develop what we do and reach the world!).
I saw the list of individuals who would attend and was very aware that my skills, and knowledge with maps were not even comparable… I thought it would be an incredible opportunity but I knew that my visa would come before November meaning I couldn’t attend.  I’m writing this email on the YWAM base in Tijuana, Mexico after hearing from some of the most talented people I’ve ever met – all of which are as excited about data collection/use as I am (I know, it sounds nerdy – and it is!).
I have learned a lot in the past 2 days, but most importantly been challenged to open my mindset to use data for more than I ever dreamed of as well as commit myself to learn and develop what I already have access to.  I am so excited about reaching people, and the possibilities we have available at our fingertips.

With all that being said…  I’m no longer waiting on my visa.
I told myself that if I got my visa by Wednesday (prior to the conference) then I would skip Tijuana and head back to Australia.  The thing about “God’s timing” is that it’s never by accident…  I received my Australian visa on Monday morning as I was boarding my plane to the conference.
After only a couple of days I can really see the importance of being here, and how it has refreshed/challenged/encouraged me so much as I head back into a new role in Townsville.
Thanks for keeping up to date, and as always if you have questions/comments I would love to hear from you!
I will be attending Mt. Olive Baptist this Sunday, and would love to say “see you later” before I plan my trip back to Townsville for the next while 🙂

I am hoping to return to Townsville as soon as possible, but have about $500 to raise for my plane ticket.  If you are interested in donating, please click here.


One thought on “3 months and counting!

  1. I am so thrilled to hear this! It’s the coolest thing I think we experience when God reveals himself through such timing events as this. Most of us have a bunch of these instances to share – and they clearly reveal his daily inner workings not only in the big outcomes but in the manner and means, as well, as we walk along. He’s really showing you what’s in store for you (at least for the foreseeable future). Love you – be safe!

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