Visa Dramas

Hi friends!

I have been home almost a month now and it has flown by so far!
Many of you have asked “How long are you here for?” and while the question seems simple – it’s hard to give a simple answer! Early this year it came to my attention that my visa would expire in September 2014, and I had only two options to decide from.
My first option was to reapply for my visa while in Australia, this is called an “On-Shore Visa Application” (makes sense, right?). Doing this would mean that I would transfer onto a “Bridging Visa”, would not be able to leave the country, and it would be an additional $700 fee (the visa is around $500 alone).
This would be a waiting game as I was planning to be home this summer while my sister undergoes a major surgery, and my brother welcomed his baby daughter to the world!

The second option was to apply offshore which would avoid the $700 On-Shore fee (that’s a plus!), and allow me to return to the states to be here for some major happenings in my family. However – the downfall being that the waiting game would be on this end, and prevent me from returning to work in Australia until it is granted.

There’s a lot of other detail, and mess involved but obviously I chose option two!  I am thrilled to be here, and missing some of these things weren’t really an option to me anyways.
The reason for this blog however is to ask for your prayers in this process!

This particular visa is a two part process – the first is called the nomination, and the second is the actual visa application.  The nomination has been submitted for over a month now, and we have had no word of the process of the application.  I was hoping this first step would only take a few weeks at tops – but I am still holding onto hope here!

The second part can take up to two months as well, but I would love to return to work as soon as possible as my holidays are technically only approved until September 19th.  While I know it would be nice to stay a while in Paris, I am looking forward to returning to my work and honoring the commitment that I have in Australia.
For now, I am working on a few projects in the States and covering my work in Australia (online) as needed.  My campus leadership has been a DREAM to work with in understanding my need for being home at this time, and I am so grateful for the people that I work with – but we have a lot of work to be done, and every person has a part to play!

I will be sharing about my most recent outreach to Papua New Guinea at Mt. Olive Baptist Church on September 14th at 6:30pm. Mt. Olive is my home church and located at:
3509 County Road 42600, Paris, TX 75462, USA


If you would like to catch me while I am here my mobile is: (903)-609-5131.
Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your prayers so much!



Let me know your thoughts!

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