PNG Local Missionary – Philip Oa

Phillip Oa – PNG Local

Philip ‘Bau’ Oa is a 36 year old PNG local, born and raised in Hisiu, Papua New Guinea.  He has been working with YWAM teams since 2006 as a main contact for incoming teams.
When he isn’t hosting YWAM teams he works in his village, and lives with his father in a small hut near the beach.

Philip 'Bau' Oa
Philip ‘Bau’ Oa

As a leader prepares for outreach, there are many things that need to take place before they can send their team out in the mission field.  Some of these things are visas, travel insurance, budgets, raising finances, writing a full risk analysis for anything that might or even could go wrong while on outreach.
However, often the most challenging thing about working in a developing nation is the communication.  It’s hard to reach people in a remote village, to make plans when the whole basis of their culture is “island time” and relationally centered, and especially when everything can change in only a moments notice – hence why they call PNG the “Land of the Unexpected!”
While some people call people in developing nations the “poor and needy” I would strongly disagree.  PNG is a nation full of rich culture, strong beliefs, thick relationships, and not to mention innovation, creativity and love!  There are plenty of areas that need attention in PNG like healthcare, education, and discipleship – but there are plenty of things to learn too.

The first time I was meant to lead a team to PNG I had no idea where to start, I googled for HOURS and HOURS to no avail.  To make a long story short, a leader on base gave me Philip’s information and I was able to contact him on Facebook.  Within a few days my entire 5 week outreach was planned, and Philip was very diligent to make sure things were thought through.  He worked out vehicles, villages, housing, and he was there to pick us up at the airport with two trucks for us and luggage.
Philip is 36 years old, and since 2004 he has known the Lord.  Philip has shared bits of his life story with me from time to time, and its phenomenal what God has done in his life.  He really follows God, and stays focused to allow God to lead his life.
He shared with me one story about visiting a village in PNG and hearing that there was a fresh water hole, but no one would enter the water because they believed that it was full of serpents, demons, or evil. He said that he only fears God, so he jumped in and went for a swim!!!  Now, because of his obedience and courage the village uses this water hole for drinking, swimming, and other needs!

This year was my second time to work alongside Philip and it’s no different story.  He not only help to organize our trip, but also worked closely with me to see a 13,300 litre tank, and transportation to see clean water a possibility in the village of Delena.
There were many times that things fell through in our plans while in PNG (“Land of the Unexpected”), but Philip would do whatever it took to make sure our team was taken care of and had what we needed.  Most often it meant transport, but it also meant down time for resting, safety, water accessibility, site seeing in a country we are new too, and meeting people that are pivotal in our ministry to develop and continue what we are doing.

With all of this being said, I am thrilled to say that Philip (after much prayer) has decided to apply for his DTS!!!

This PNG local has put in the hard yards, worked and partnered with YWAM, and shown us how we can develop ministry in PNG.  His partnership is invaluable!!!
Please feel free to send him encouragement, or words of advice, he will need to raise $6,800 AUD in order to see this happen!

Click here to chat with Philip, and if you would like to support him you can donate online (click here), just put Philip Oa as the recipient.
Any amount helps, and we would love to see this guy get on DTS – however, if you cannot give at this time, please feel free to leave a comment with encouragement or pray for him as he starts this journey!

Signing his name on the Water Tank donated to Delena, Central Province
Signing his name on the Water Tank donated to Delena, Central Province

Click Here to Support Philip – He is believing to raise $6,800 AUD before January 2015!


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